Senate Republicans will unveil their revision of Trumpcare Thursday. A new poll shows that, if it isn't considerably better than the House's, they stand to lose votes.

Since the American Health Care Act passed in the United States House of Representatives, the Senate has been hard at work making it palatable for the American people, which is certainly no easy feat.

A recent poll by the University of Maryland's Program for Public Consultation revealed just how much of a challenge this will be as 67 percent of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents oppose the bill's key provisions, and 63 percent of Americans in deep-red districts dislike it. 

Over 2,400 registered voters participated in the survey, which included a questionnaire that broke down the AHCA into issues and divided poll participants into congressional districts across the political spectrum. The results are a warning that Senate Republicans would be wise to heed: meet the needs of your constituents or risk losing their vote.

Eighty percent of those surveyed opposed higher premiums for senior citizens; over 77 percent did not approve of waivers for insurance companies allowing them to deny coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions; and 67 percent did not agree with the Trumpcare provision which would prohibit the use of Medicaid benefits at Planned Parenthood clinics.

In addition, 65 percent of survey participants opposed the AHCA's proposal to eliminate employer mandated health care; 65 percent disagreed with the plan to allow insurance companies to remove essential benefits like mental health, addiction treatment, and maternity care; and 60 percent disliked the GOP's move toward gutting federal programs that aid people living in poverty.

All in all, if the AHCA bill that passed the House is the same bill pushed forward by GOP members of the Senate, 2018 and 2020 could be hard elections for Republicans.

Not much is known about the Senate's version of Trumpcare yet, as they have been working to keep it secret. However, the nation will get to have a long hard look at it on Thursday, the date Senate Republicans have announced they will unveil the initial draft of their legislation.

We'll certainly be pouring over the revisions because there are millions of Americans with their lives on the line.

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