Backpacking Grandpas Are A Hit In South Korea

You're never too old to travel. A popular TV show in South Korea,

Grandpas Over Flowers', has inspired a whole generation of backpacking grandpas to get out of their country and go explore, before getting too old.

In the show, grandpas travel to all different countries, specifically in Europe.

Now, with ticket prices dropping from Incheon to Europe, old men who love the show are getting the inspiration to travel themselves.

Not only is this great news for the quickly aging population in the country, it is great news for the airline industries and travel industries in South Korea, whose profits have soared in the last year alone.

One 62-year old woman (okay, she's not a grandpa), went on a nine-day tour of several countries in Europe, saying that, "I finally made up my mind after watching TV shows like 'Grandpas Over Flowers' that I wanted to see Europe before getting too old."

Recently, in addition to many South Koreans traveling overseas, many travelers from abroad have also come to visit the small Asian peninsula.

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