If You Want To Be Rich, Forget The Fancy Artwork. Get Yourself A Flashy Vintage Car.

Mona Lisa or a 1966 Ferrari? The latter, if a sound investment is what you're after.

Splashing cash on a car is an expense, not an investment – unless of course we're talking about vintage cars.

A BBC video report has revealed how buying vintage cars has become the newest investment fad among the rich and famous. The falling interest rates have investors exiting capital and money markets, and bagging traditional artwork is often difficult due to soaring prices.

It leaves vintage cars as an attractive and affordable alternative for those who want to secure their monies from erosion of inflation.

Earlier this month, a separate report from Douglas Elliman and Knight Frank revealed how classic cars have outperformed all the art forms and collectibles in 2014. In the preceding 12 months, the report says, investments on vintage cars produced growth of 25 percent while art, in general, moved up just 5 percent.

That's not all. Vintage cars are apparently outperforming art in five-year periods as well yet continue to remain underrated. Other collectibles such as paintings and sculptures get more attention due to their greater aesthetic value, decorative traits as well as bigger price. But automobile and money enthusiasts know that the real value and return lies in vintage cars.

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