Burger King Owner Shares The Wealth

Ever wish you worked for Burger King? Probably not, but maybe now you will.

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When the Burger King franchise in Arizona earned 'Franchisee of the Year', many employees were excited to learn that they would receive bonuses, in addition to the recognition.

Nothing was more shocking though, then when the CEO of the Barnett Management Company, Tom Barnett,  was given a Corvette and Rolex as his reward. 

Employees were eager to take a drive in the car and admire the Rolex, but what they got was so much more.

Tom Barnett sold his very expensive prizes, and used the money to give out even more bonuses among the very well deserving Burger King employees.

According to Fox10 in Phoenix, the bonuses ranged from $100 to $5,000, and altogether, Barnett graciously gave out $120,000, which turned out to help many grateful employees in need.

One employee, Fernando Enriquez, was able to use the money to help his mother going into surgery, as well as take care of other bills that were piling up.

The Burger King franchise won the award for 'excellent customer service and corporate inspections', according to 3TV.


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