Sexy (Fruit) Sells In China

Coming to a store near you: juicy Chinese peaches with their own lingerie.

Rowr! Fruit is getting sexy in China. 

For the somewhat insane price of $80, you can get a box of nine panty peaches from China made to look like tiny butts with lingerie. 

Why? Why not? 

The peaches each have their own pair of handcrafted lacy underwear, positioned just so on the fruit.

"My employees dress up each peach by hand," peach underwear inventor "Mr. Yao" said, according to SINA English.

Yao's peaches in panties runs from his fruit vendor business in Nanjing, in the eastern part of China. But the peaches and the undies both come from Wuxi, known for its stellar peaches and textiles.

Yao has applied for a peach panty patent already.

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