Comcast's Customer Service From Hell: The Sequel

Comcast's crappy customer service strikes again!

It's no secret that dealing with Comcast customer service is enough to make anyone weep, pull out their hair and give up on life. 

This truism was oh-so-wonderfully brought to life in a customer service call that went viral last month in which a Comcast rep berated a couple trying to disconnect their service. It's eight minutes of torture that gives everyone who's ever deal with Comcast immediate flashbacks. 

Now the cable giant is back with another customer service call gone horribly, horribly wrong. 

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Tim Davis came prepared. He actually recorded earlier calls to prove he wouldn't be charged for a Comcast problem; naturally, Comcast charged him anyway for a service they never performed. 

When Davis tries to get the charges reversed, it's one roadblock after another -- the service rep even tries to give him a different service and apply a "discount" to that instead of just reversing the charge. The rep actually claimed Comcast couldn't reverse the charge, which is interesting, as they can certainly add charges out the wazoo. 

When the first call went viral, Comcast tried to claim the methods weren't consistent with reps' training and its business practices. A story in Verge shoots down that so-called defense. In one damning confession after another, current and former techs talk about Comcast's awful atmosphere.

But at least in the midst of all this Comcast failure, there is an awesome background to Davis' video.

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