Converse Chuck Taylor's Celebrate 100 Years

And they will live on for another 100 years more..

Converse Chuck Taylor's have just celebrated 100 years of making people look cool with a pair of sweet sneaks.

The classic shoes are timeless, and have been worn by men, women, boys, girls, babies, basketball players, musicians, movie stars, and even dogs for a century.

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Now, to celebrate this amazing milestone, Converse is introducing a new pair of Chuck's. Known as the 'Made by You' series, the campaign completely encompasses each individual wearer's personality, which has made the sneaker what it is today.

Some people like painting their shoes in a beautiful mess, while others like to make them pretty by putting rhinestones or writing their name on the shoe. Others like to dirty them up, and others like to keep them perfectly clean. Some like to own a pair in every color, while others are devoted to a plain black pair. Coming in high-tops and low-tops, some enjoy rocking the famous Chuck Taylor symbol on their ankle, while others like to show off their own ankles.

Converse Celebrates Chuck Taylor Sneakers in New Campaign

Each 'Made By You' sneaker will not only look awesome, they will tell a very creative story of the person who wears them.

Converse celebrates "Made By You"

The sneakers have been designed by awesome artists and designers, who have taken the time to think about how the sneakers represent the person who is wearing them.


#ChuckTaylor has already been taking off, and if you buy the new sneaks yourself, make sure to use the hashtag to show them off.

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