Meet The Youngest Female Billionaire

Elizabeth Holmes had to work hard to get where she is today, and the world is recognizing her accomplishments.

Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos, billionaire, Time

Elizabeth Holmes is the youngest female billionaire, and one of the TIME 100 most influential people of the year.

The 31-year old Stanford drop-out has become extremely successful with a biotech company she has created, called 'Theranos'. 

Theranos was created in order for people to have their blood tested, needle-free, pain-free, at a much lower cost than Medicaire. Theranos, while not yet 'worldwide', can be seen at many clinics throughout the U.S, including Walgreen's.

Theranos allows for a simple blood test to be done using a prick on the finger, as opposed to a scary arm-needle test.

The blood tests are a form of preventative care as it can test many things, from cancer to cholesterol. 

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Holmes started the company when she was just 19, and since then, it has truly taken off. Now it's worth $10 billion.

Holmes still has a lot of work to do. Many critics say that while Theranos is a smart concept, a finger-prick of blood won't supply enough fluid for testing.

However, Holmes is well aware of what she needs to do to make Theranos fulfill her ultimate vision of doing something great for Mankind. She works most of the day and night, and clearly all of it has paid off for this young woman.

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