A Nutella Shortage? Say It Ain't So!

We may soon face the most tragic food shortage of all.

A lime shortage, fine. A bacon shortage, tragic but manageable. But a Nutella shortage? Noooooo!

Prices for hazelnuts are at their highest in 10 years after crop yield fell nearly in half, NBC News reports. It's raising concerns that Nutella's maker, Ferrero, may not have the adequate supplies to make the creamy, nutty, chocolaty, extremely addictive spread. 

Turkey is responsible for 75 percent of the world's hazelnut production. The country suffered a frost that sent spring hazelnut production plummeting. 

"It's difficult to know whether the fears of a Nutella shortage are overblown, but it is certainly feasible to expect extra pressure on supply in view of ongoing strong demand and a much smaller crop in Turkey ...," Julian Gale, Food News deputy editor, told NBC.

Overblown? Overblown, sir? When we're talking a Nutella shortage, there is simply no such thing as overblown fears. 

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