Popular Companies Making Bank Off Of Prisons

Believe it or not, prisons are a huge moneymaker in the U.S. Discover who's making secret profits from prisons.

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Every time a prisoner gets locked up, people are getting paid. Whether it's private prisons making a profit off of mass incarceration, or companies who have contracts with prisons, these huge jail cells are moneymakers for certain industries.

While these companies might be receiving their profit somewhat indirectly, they still are making a nice buck off of prisons. You would be surprised to learn that these industries are involved in a huge moneymaking industry:

Food companies profit well off of mass incarceration. Think about it; every time a new prisoner gets locked up, they need to eat. The more prisoners, the more food. Companies like Aramark, although having to pay massive fines for bad food or inappropriate conduct when delivering to prisons, have still profited massively off their deal with prisons.

Additionally, phone companies, such as GTL, make tons of money every time a prisoner needs to make a phone call. Telecommunication is one of the only ways for prisoners to have contact with the outside world, and at $1.13 a minute, someone is getting rich.

Clothing industries, such as Victoria's Secret, are making money off of cheap labor in prisons. Clothes, hats, shoes, jackets and other items, including household furniture, are produced by workers in prisons.

Other industries that you might be surprised to hear are involved in this business, include agriculture companies, using prisoners as farmers, and even health care businesses, making money every time a prisoner gets sick.

Even though the U.S only has 5 percent of the world's population, they contribute to 25 percent of the entire world's prison population. That's a lot, and most are incarcerated for non-violent reasons. And with all these companies involved, it's no wonder the profit is so large.


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