The Amazing Thing This Startup Is Doing With Ugly-Looking Produce

This idea is pure genius and we wonder why no one has thought about it until now!

Imperfect, ugly food, produce, fruits, vegetables

How many times do you go shopping in the produce section and skip over a fruit or vegetable because it simply doesn't look right? Probably more often than not.

We're not talking about it looking rotten or old, we're talking about a carrot that looks twisted, a broccoli that looks bubbly, or a lemon that has scars on it.

Well, these guys figured out a way to utilize those produce foods that nobody wants, and turn it into money.

Just as you shouldn't judge a book by its cover or a person by their skin-color, you shouldn't not buy a fruit or vegetable just because it doesn't look pretty.

Imperfect, ugly food, produce, fruits, vegetables

In fact, all the ones that might look a bit different actually take exactly the same as the pretty ones. Sound too obvious to be true? Then think about this. 50% of a crop might be tossed out because of its looks. That's 6 billion pounds of weird looking food thrown out every year. 

So, what do you do with the food that no one wants? You sell it to the people who are smart enough to know that the look of the food doesn't effect the taste. And you sell it for 30% cheaper.

That's what the team who founded 'Imperfect' is doing. Imperfect was started by three guys, Ben Chesler, Ben Simon, and Ron Clark. The three got their start when they were students and began the Food Recovery Network, which helped to save and utilize foods that were being thrown away at dining halls on college campuses.

Imperfect, produce, fruits, vegetables, ugly food, #loveuglyfood It's an absolutely awesome idea that will make changes in our society from the time the food is grown to the time it hits our plate. Work time and resources will no longer be gone to waste over food that is thrown out. People can spend less money on buying the same exact produce. And those who can't afford food will have access to food that no one else wants to eat, but tastes just as good.

Imperfect is based in the Bay Area of California, but hopefully will be hitting supermarkets in the near future.

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