There Are Now 'Cannabis Parties' Instead Of 'Jewelry Parties'

Buying Tupperware is out-buying marijuana is in...

It is out with the old, in with the new, as women are now getting together to have 'Cannabis Parties', instead of a typical jewelry, makeup, or Tupperware party, according to SF Gate.

All kinds of women are coming to these new events, from professionals to students, to smoke different kinds of weed, try on different types of lotions made from weed, and even eat gluten-free weed treats. There are even products aimed at the female libido.

Although it sounds like many people would be interested, these women are trying to get their voice out in a business that is worth over $2 billion, but is mostly male-dominated.

However, it seems that a lot of men aren't really interested in these kind of products, unless it will get them high.

This might be an opportunity for women to cater the huge industry to other women, and somewhat shift where the everyday marijuana business has been going.

It is a wise market, as it represents a whole different demographic-women who like weed, but want to try different forms of it. Or, women who don't like smoking, but do like vegan/organic snacks and lotions.

This new business encompasses so many other interests and niches, and it is likely that these 'Cannabis Parties' will start taking off.

However, it will take a little more work for these women, who are often shadowed by men who have been successful in this field thus far.

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