Twitter Ignores 500,000 Pornographic Images Each Day

Why hasn't Twitter done anything about these photos?

Twitter Ignores 500,000 Pornography Posts

Twitter is a huge social media platform for people who want to share their business, articles, opinions, and of course, their photos. Now, Twitter is being accused of ignoring thousands of pornographic photos that are posted every single day.

However, each major social media website does have a responsibility to make sure what people are posting is monitored and appropriate, to some degree.

Take Facebook, for example. If someone posts something distasteful and offensive, whether it be a threat on someone or a nude photo, people have the option of reporting it, and it is often taken down.

On the other hand, Twitter has done nothing about 500,000 pornographic photos that are posted every day. These photos often end up on the screens of children's tablets and smart phones, even when parents put a filter on it.

A meeting was called with government ministers, requesting the presence of leaders of a lot of these websites to tackle this specific issue. Twitter and Tumblr did not send representatives to the meeting. 

A review of Twitter showed just how many pornographic pictures there were, which revealed there are more nude photos than of people's pets. That's a lot. 

If Twitter is choosing not to do anything about this issue and the amount of children who have access to these photos each day, they should at least give parents the ability to block what their children see on their 'Twitter' feed. However, because Twitter is not listed as an 'adult' site, it is not easy for parents to figure out how to do this.

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