What Some Of The Most Popular Brands Were Called Back In The Day

You'll never believe the names these places had. Before many of the brands you know and love today were Apple, Google, and others, they went by different names.

Names that many people never heard of, or if they did, would be unrecognizable now.

To start off, Apple did not change much from its first name, as the only change they went through was cutting the 'Computers' off at the end. 

Apple, Apple Computers, Brands

However, this wasn't the case for Yahoo!, which used to be called, 'Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web.' Did you know Yahoo! stands for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle? Interesting.

And, your favorite electronics store, Best Buy, used to be called 'Sound of Music.' Hmm...seems like sell everything else these days besides music.

Well, 'Sound of Music' isn't as terrible as what Google was once known as, which was 'Backrub'. Wonder how they got that name?

Sound of Music, Best Buy, Brands

And, while Apple took off a part of their name, so did Starbucks Coffee. As we all know, Starbucks Coffee has never been just coffee, and this can be proved by their old name which used to be 'Starbucks Coffee Tea and Spices'.

Starbucks Coffee

Subway, the famous fast-food sub restaurant, used to be called 'Pete's Super Submarines.'

Subway, brands

Subway, Brands

Blackberry was once called 'Research in Motion' (horrible), and Nintendo was known as the Marafuku Company (which is actually kind of cool).

So, next time you're talking about one of these household names in your household, try to impress your family members or guests with this cool information.

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