William Shatner Has The Solution To California's Drought

And it might just be crazy enough to work! Movie star William Shatner has just turned activist, after coming up with a plan to fix the drought situation in California.

William Shatner, California, Drought, $30 Billion

California has been in the midst of a drought for the last 4 years, and experts are saying that after the next year, there will be no water left at all.

So, 84-year old Shatner, who has the energy and motivation of an enthusiastic teenagers, started a huge campaign to raise awareness and money for the drought.

While many people believe that Shatner's idea is pretty far-fetched, his idea has actually gained two million followers, and he has been advocating for his plan on every outlet of social media that's out there.

What's the big idea?

Shatner's plan is to have a pipeline irrigating water from Seattle into California. He has been featured on interviews, including one with Yahoo! Tech. He made statements such as, 'if Alaska can do it, why can't we?' and mentioned that if the pipeline were built above the ground, even if it leaked, it would still be doing its job.

Shatner is trying to raise $30 Billion for the cause, and even if he doesn't raise quite that much, he still plans to reach out to politicians to keep the idea going.

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