Would You Join A Gym That Uses You To Generate Electricity?

A new exercise concept could save you money while working you out even harder than usual.

Have you ever seen those old movies where a hamster runs so fast on his hamster wheel that it generates electricity? Or take just about any episode of The Flinstones for example. The characters on that show would frequently open their dishwashers or television set to find a small creature running on a treadmill to power the appliance.

Well, this science fiction/prehistoric technology is finally coming to life in 2015.

Tread-milling For Power

cardio workout

Eco Gym is currently in the final phases of its construction in Naperville, Illinois. The high-concept workout facility will harvest energy from the cardio equipment that their customers are training with.

The energy will then be used to reduce the gym’s overall energy costs and cut down on their consumption of fossil fuels. Those savings will then be passed onto the customers who will pay less for their monthly membership the more energy they create for the gym.

This cycle of self-empowerment will lead to increased customer visits and harder workouts in the eyes of Eco Gym’s senior staff.

“You incentivize yourself to pay less, but to pay less you have to come in more, so you’re getting more results,” general manager Chris Wersal told the website Patch.com.

The Exercise Arms Race Is on 

Eco Gym’s crowd-sourced electricity is just one of many gimmicks gyms are using to attract members in today's competitive climate.

Mega-gyms like Planet Fitness operate on an incredibly low cost/low use model. They charge bottom-of-the-barrel prices intending to attract a high volume of customers that will use their membership sparingly but not cancel because the price isn’t high enough to be a concern.

Other gyms like Orange Theory fitness use biometric technologies to entice customers into believing they are receiving a more comprehensive, data-driven workout.

And of course, there are the supermarket gyms such as L.A. Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness that charge higher prices for access to a huge number of amenities.

In a world with so many different exercise options what will be your excuse for not joining at least one to work off those extra holiday pounds lurking just around the corner. 

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