10 Best Moments from 'Parks and Rec'

Relive the show's most memorable jokes before tonight's series finale.

Parks and Recreation

It is a sad day for television. Tonight is the series finale of Parks and Recreation which means we have to say farewell to our beloved characters and the little town of Pawnee. The sitcom has brought a lot of laugh-out-loud jokes and touching moments that made this quirky show an icon in pop culture. In honor of the series’ ending, here’s our favorites:

Treat Yo Self

This ultimate self-pampering day made us all remember how essential self-care is.

Snake Juice

Every character’s drunk self is the best.

Jerry's Fart Attack

Jerry has had a lot of goofy moments, but who can forget almost dying from farting?

Jerry's fart attack by facedemarde

All the bacon and eggs you have

Ron Swanson knows how to eat.

The Iron Throne

"Parks and Rec" meets the "Game of Thrones", and Ben Wyatt totally freaks out.

"Time After Time"

A rare April and Anne bonding moment.

Burt Macklin

The only man for the case.

Jean Ralphio

He is a genius with creating songs.

Jean Ralphio's Sister

She's the worst but also totally the best.

Leslie Knope's Grand Entrance

This is how you make an entrance.

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