Close Enough? Celebrities And Their Animal Look-alikes

"Hey, isn't that ..." Check out these animal and celebrity twins.

Over time, they say, people start to resemble their pets. In a similar vein, we found some unflattering, yet hilarious photographs of celebrities who look EXACTLY like animals they have never come across!

Taylor Lautner and this alpaca probably have the same ancestor


Humans share 25 percent of their DNA with dogs. Something tells us these celebrities shares a greater percentage.

This doggy’s eyes are as accusing as those of Putin’s

Snoop Dogg and this dachshund



Sarah Jessica-Parker shares her magnificent jawline with this majestic horse


This fabulous fish could pass off as Nicki Minaj any day


This ostrich sits in the front row in every physics lesson. And knows more than the teacher.


This llama has almost as much swag as Rihanna


This doggy owns a wallet that says “Bad Motherf***er”


Heil Kitler! This cats looks exactly like Der Fuhrer

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