The Actual Age Of These Celebrities Will Throw You Off Completely

Age is just a number, and these stars prove just that!

Every man alive has to go through the process of ageing but in the entertainment industry this natural phenomenon becomes somewhat inconsistent. It's not uncommon for us to see celebrities well into their 40’s and 50’s looking as young as teenagers. The cosmetic science today has reached a point where it can help the well heeled retain their youthful looks for unnaturally long periods.

Similarly, the presence of drugs and alcohol means that some stars begin to age at a far greater pace than what's common. Down below are 11 such stars who for some reason or another don't look their age. Their Wiki profiles say one thing but their faces tell completely different stories.

Leonardo DiCaprio -- 39

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Thanks to his boyish looks, Leo DiCaprio still looks like he’s in his late 20’s. He is just one shy of becoming 40 though.


Lindsay Lohan – 28

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On the left is Lindsay Lohan in 2004 when she was a teenager. Fast forward 10 years later and she has now become the wrinkled old lady you see on the right of the image above. Though only 28, her face screams 40.


Pharrell Williams – 41

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Even more curious is the case of a certain Pharrell Williams. He has been active on the music scene for two decades now, yet he became an international superstar just last year largely through his hits "Happy" and "Get Lucky." Most of his new fans thought he is a 20-something year-old musician who has found instant fame until they stumbled upon his Wiki. He is 41.


Florence Welch – 27

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Does she look like a 27-year-old to you? We didn’t think so either.


Jared Leto – 42

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And does he look 42?


David Beckham – 39

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We all know how Becks stopped ageing in his early 20’s. Good genes?


Elijah Wood – 33

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This Lord of the Rings star is permanently trapped in his on-screen character, Frodo Baggins. He is 33 but can easily pass for an 18-year-old.


Christie Brinkley – 60

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This former Sports Illustrated model turned 60 earlier this year.


Sofia Vergara – 42

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Perhaps more surprising than the fact that Sofia Vergara is 42 is that the Colombian beauty has a 21-year-old son!


Gwen Stefani – 45

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Can you believe there's a 23-year age difference between Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani?


Lorde – 17

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At the very least Lorde looks like someone in her late 20s. She is just 17 though.

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