16 Celebrities That Look Astonishingly Young For Their Age

As a culture, we tend to have a really limited view of what aging means, and what old age looks and feels like. But these celebrities prove that age is just a number.

Can you guess how old these celebrities are? 

After you've made your guesstimate, just highlight/select the text between the parentheses [ ] to reveal the answer. 

Get ready to be be flabbergasted!


1. Barbara Walters

Age: [85]


2. Patrick Stewart 

Age: [75]

3. Paul Rudd

Age: [46]


4. Diahann Carroll

Age: [80]

5. Stevie Nicks 

Age: [67]

6. Raquel Welch

Age: [74]

7. Gladys Knight

Age: [71]

8. Lynda Carter

Age: [64]


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9. Swoosie Kurtz

Age: [70]

10. Diana Ross


Age: [71]


11. Jane Seymour

Age: [64]

12. Tom Cruise

Age: [53]


13. Martha Stewart

Age: [73]

14. Faye Dunaway

Age: [74]

15. Christie Brinkley

Age: [61]

16. Jane Fonda

Age: [77]


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