Hollywood's 280 Most Loved Movies Jammed Into One Wonderful Trailer

Amna Shoaib
Ever seen Tyler from "Fight Club" share screen with characters from "Despicable Me"? Watch this.

Trailers in Hollywood these days are watched, shared and obsessed about as nearly as much as the movies themselves. Fans flocked to North by Northwest's trailer for its creativity, while the teaser for There Will Be Blood captivated audiences with its sheer speed. But this cinematic montage buries them both.

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The trailer combines the best moments of Hollywood with clips from 280 movies from across the decades merged to create a magnificent roller coaster ride through our movie memory.

This is probably the only time you will see all your favorite stars share the screen and complement each other perfectly. As Kill Bill meets Despicable Me and the Ghostbusters sit alongside Fight Club, you will wonder why no one had the idea to cast all of these awesome characters in one movie.

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