4 Failed Series Finales You Regret Watching

All good things come to an end, including TV shows, but viewers expect answers and closure which these awful finales failed to provide.

Television has the amazing ability to allow viewers to enter alternate worlds and transport themselves into the lives that relatable characters lead.

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When you get into a show, watching it faithfully nearly becomes religion. You begin to feel like you know the characters personally and you become invested in their well-being. At least, this is the case for me with "Scandal" and "Orange Is The New Black", but I digress.

In becoming so involved with these fictional shows, we still keep in mind that they will eventually end but we expect the ending to fulfill our expectations for what should become of the characters or how lingering situations should be resolved and secrets should be revealed.

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We seem to forget that we, as viewers, are not a part of the creative process or production of the show so…our opinion is absolutely worthless.

Nonetheless, when we get hyped with excitement in anticipation of an upcoming finale, we still hope that our beloved show will end the way we want it to or at least in a way that we could be okay with…but often that is not how it goes. 

1) How I Met Your Mother

Viewers spent so many seasons waiting to learn who the "mother" was in the show and after they finally introduced her and made everyone fall in love with her, they killed her! And Ted ended up with Robin who had been there all along. WTH?! 

How I Met Your Mother

2) Dexter

So, Dexter's sister dies and then he becomes a lumberjack or something to that effect? Either way, fans were thoroughly disappointed by the unanswered questions that remained and the sadness the episode left them with. 

3) Lost

Everybody's dead! That's what fans gathered from the end of the mind boggling series, "Lost", that still didn't address key questions like, why do pregnant women die on the island? Why was the character of Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) special? What is this island? What was with all of the Egyptian hieroglyphics? What was the character of Desmond’s ultimate purpose on the island? 


4) True Blood 

A show that captured a faithful following despite going toe-to-toe with the overrated "Twilight" film saga really let fans down by depicting a corny, "happily-ever after" type ending for the characters who — throughout the whole series — led very tumultuous lives. 

True Blood

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