Time To Check In At These 5 Amazing Underwater Hotels

Bobbing along under the sea and ordering room service - who knew?

This world is filled with surprising feats of human ingenuity. Nothing seems impossible anymore, not even an underwater hotel.

Anyone who wants to enjoy the stunning beauty of nature and serene sea life can simply check in to these five underwater hotels for a night among the fish.

The Poseidon Underwater Resort – Fiji

Underwater Hotels

The Poseidon Undersea Resort, situated on a private island of Fiji, is considered one of the most famous underwater hotels and probably the king of resorts in the hospitality world. The hotel is surrounded by 5,000 acres of lagoons.

About 70% of the hotel is acrylic glass, making it probably the closest you can get to sleeping in a big giant fish bowl. This hotel has 25 suites, a restaurant, gym and an underwater wedding chapel.

Of course, you pay for this luxury: Rooms cost upward of $15,000. 

Conrad Hilton – Maldives

Underwater Hotels

Conrad Maldives boasts the Maldives’ most iconic restaurant. Venture 16 feet below the ocean to dine at one of the world’s most extraordinary venues, with 180° views of marine life through its glass walls and arched glass roof. The restaurant of this hotel is situated underwater while the major portion of this hotel is above the ground level.

Water Discus Hotel - Dubai

Water Discus: Dubai's underwater hotel

Construction on this Polish-designed underwater in Dubai has already started. Though a planned start date has not been made public, it is already attracting interest around the world. The design firm has said the 1,000 sq. metre complex, which would host a hotel, restaurant, spa and bar, would have both above and underwater construction. Diving would be available on site, as would other beach and water sports, for that beach resort experience.

Utter Inn – Sweden

Hotell Utter Inn

Located in the middle of a Swedish lake east of Stockholm, this is a unique hotel in its own way, besides being an underwater hotel. It's a floating, underwater hotel where you can enjoy sleep in an underwater aquarium, but not with the frills you'd find elsewhere. Guests submerge down a ladder to reach the simple underwater living rooms that contain two small beds and a window that offers an amazing view of fish and other lake life.

Huvafen Fushi – Maldives

huvafen fushi in maldives

No doubt Maldives is the earth’s most beautiful beach destination; this hotel lets you see it from a different perspective. The hotel features the world’s first underwater spa, which promises unparalleled relaxation and offers luxury services. Not surprisingly, the spa menu relies heavily on sea-focused treatments.

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