5 Celebrities You Will Never Believe Were Once Homeless

Nothing comes easy to people who don’t work for it. These 5 celebrities were homeless at one point in time before achieving stardom.

1) Shania Twain

Shania Twain

Shania Twain, one of the most popular women in the music industry, was born into an extremely poor family. She lived in a homeless shelter with her mother in Toronto in her early years. After years of hardships, Twain began to perform in bars to make ends meet, and later made her way into the music industry.

Today, she is worth a whopping $350 million.

2) Jennifer Lopez

We all know who Jennifer Lopez is for her soulful voice and striking beauty. What we don’t know about her is that Lopez wanted to be a dancer since her college days, and landed in a disagreement with her mother upon the matter. She ended up leaving home and seeking shelter in a dance studio and gradually climbed the ladder of fame from there.

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3) Jim Carrey

With assets of $150 million today, Jim is one of the most loved comedians across the globe today. However, he underwent a lot to acquire this sense of humor and witty approach to life, since he was born into a family that was so poor, that they lived in a camper van. He spent his hours after school working as a janitor on campus and began performing comedy around Toronto, after which he grew in the industry, and became one of the most well known comedians of the time.

4) Kelly Clarkson

Ever imagined having your house burn down to ashes? This celebrity had her L.A. apartment reduced to ashes and was forced to live out of her car until she could afford a new place. She is known to have showered regularly at a health club she had membership at and later made her breakthrough into the music industry via the popular show “American Idol”.

5) Lil’ Kim

Lil’ Kim

Kim spent her early years living out of a car trunk with her mother, until she moved back with her abusive father, after her parents split. He once again made her homeless once she was a teen, and she had to couchsurf with friends. Fate had it so that she ended up meeting Notorious BIG and thus began her career as a rapper.

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