5 Holiday Movies That You’re Sick of Seeing

Here are a few of those movies that you might love, but are tired of seeing on TV over and over again.

Particularly in the next week or so, we are going to see a flood of Christmas movies crashing their way through the TV networks. But some of these movies get a bit more time than others, monopolizing the networks for hours on end. It’s only natural that we eventually get sick of seeing them (wow, ABC Family is playing the live-action version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas again…didn’t see that coming…).

Here are a few of those movies that you might love, but are tired of seeing on TV over and over again.

Christmas Vacation

Thankfully, Christmas Vacation has slowly been reduced on television in the last couple of years. After their strenuous journey to Wally World, let’s face it: the Griswold’s have had enough. But no, they had to be dragged back into another comedy. Detailing some of the frustrations of large family gatherings in an incredibly cartoonish fashion, the movie used to provide a nice comedic break from all of the cliché feel-good Christmas movies (no, not Fa-La-La-La-Lifetime). But its over-the-top scenarios and inconsistent tone eventually bring this one down.

Jingle All the Way

This one has gained a lot ground in the last few years. Although Arnold Schwarzenegger provided a charming performance in Kindergarten Cop, it is clear that this isn’t enough to carry any kids’ movie.  While the film contains one of the greatest superhero catchphrases of all time (“It’s Turbo Time!”), and an entertaining performance from comedian Sinbad, the story is incredibly farfetched, and frankly, pretty boring as a result. Not to mention that the supposed heartfelt moments are…well…not that heartfelt.  

Love Actually

This was one of the first movies to try the “we have a lot of stars, so that means it’s a good movie” approach. Admittedly, the movie does have some heartwarming and/or funny moments, but there are so many stories weaved in that they all just sort of blend together and lose significance (“oh look, those two characters whose names I can’t remember just got engaged”). This issue is further compounded when at the end (and a bit throughout), you learn that all of these characters are somehow connected. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that everyone has their troubles, but this might be the most dysfunctional group of friends/family since the one from Home Alone.

And speaking of which…

Home Alone

I actually like Home Alone, watching it a few times each holiday season. But that’s pretty much the problem right there: it is on too much! There are only so many times that I can watch two grown criminals get the poop beat out of the by an eight-year-old who is afraid to go down in the basement. Not to mention that the scene with the nail going into the foot makes me cringe more than any horror movie ever could. Couple this with the frustration that Kevin never takes a single bite of that stupid macaroni and cheese or cheese pizza, and it all becomes too much. But that doesn’t stop the networks from running it almost every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas.We give up Kevin. We are NOT thirsty for more. 

There’s only one movie that could possibly be more overplayed than Home Alone. That’s right, you guessed it.

A Christmas Story

We’ve all seen it, whether we want to or not. Why? Because if you have basic cable during the holiday season (especially on Christmas Eve and day), then you know that this movie is EVERYWHERE. TBS alone will be engaging in their annual 24-hour Christmas Story marathon. So just in case you hadn’t gotten enough of Ralphie shooting his eye out the first time, have no fear; you can watch it another 11 times.

In all honesty, the movie itself has a nostalgic and dry sense of humor, which actually works in its favor…the first 2 or 3 times. After that, it loses much of its appeal and simply becomes background noise in the living room. 

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