Punk'd Is Coming Back, So Here Are Its 5 Most Hilarious Pranks

Watch out celebrities. Punk'd is coming back again.

Remember that Ashton Kutcher prank show that made a lot of unsuspecting celebrities look very silly? Well, it's coming back.

Yes, MTV's Punk'd has been picked up by BET, which will likely add its own twist to the show and cater to its largely African-American audience.

A brainchild of Kutcher, Punk'd first aired in 2003 and ran for eight seasons. The show then took a five-year hiatus but returned for one more season in 2012, although this time Kutcher wasn't the host anymore. He still was an executive producer. He is unlikely to be involved with BET's revamped version though due to his own commitments and BET trying to change up the theme a bit.

During its first run, the show produced many memorable pranks and introduced the art of pranking to celebrity circles. Here are the five most hilarious Punk'd pranks that had us shrieking with laughter:

Justin Timberlake Gets Punk'd

Former 'N Sync singer JustinTimberlake thought his property was getting seized due to unpaid taxes. The look on his face tells how badly Kutcher got him. This was one of the first and the best pranks on Punk'd.


Beyonce Gets Punk'd

At a Christmas charity fund for impoverished kids, Beyonce was getting all the love from the kids, until she broke their Christmas tree. Then, she became the villain. Poor Bey.


Usher Gets Punk'd

Usher is a family man and is very protective of his brother, so imagine his anger when he is told his brother is getting arrested for shoplifting. This is another all-time classic.


Kanye West Gets Punk'd

Here, Yeezy is on the set of music video for his single "Jesus Walks" when a bunch of cops tell his crew they can't shoot a film about Jesus on a Sunday. Then, an outraged Kanye channeled his inner Yeezus and hilarity ensued.


Hillary Duff Gets Punk'd

Pop star Hillary Duff's driving instructor had some very unusual lessons for her. She learned them and paid the price by getting her car jacked. Little did she know that it was all an act.


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