5 Things Ryan Gosling Should Do During His Break From Movies (Photos)

Here’s the news that none of us ever wanted to hear... Ryan Gosling taking a break from movies! Isn’t it just sad? Has anyone of us ever got bored with too much of Ryan Gosling? Is such a thing possible we wonder! Apparently he feels differently..

Here’s the news that none of us ever wanted to hear... Ryan Gosling taking a break from movies! Isn’t it just sad? Has anyone of us ever got bored with too much of Ryan Gosling?  Is such a thing possible we wonder! Apparently  he feels differently..

The man who is born to look handsome and to grace the Red Carpet’s with his presence, revealed in his recent interview that he is going to take a break from movies after the release of his forthcoming movie, ‘The Place Beyond the Pines.’

Now most of us must be thinking, why? Why is he doing that? Well, he feels that he has oversaturated the market. Funny right? What made him assume that!

Anyway, now when he has already decided to take a break from acting we can just hope for him to change his plan but if he doesn’t then there are a few things that we want him to do during his acting break.

The list was huge but we have managed to Short list it to five important things that the heartthrob should be spending more time on.

1.       Spend Time In Reviving His Music Career

Ryan Gosling amazed the world with his singing and dancing just when he was a kid. In 2009 he also released an album ‘Dead man’s bones’ with his friend Zach shield.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan’s acting career took over his singing and we lost the singer in him in the previous years. So, now when he is taking a break from movies he must spend time in reviving his music career. Our daily dose of Ryan Gosling would also be fulfilled if does that! (obviously by watching his videos on YouTube)

Here’s little Ryan dancing at a Mormon talent show in late 1991, with his sister Mandi.

2.       Spend More Time With His Pets To Decompress

We all know that Ryan Gosling loves his pet dog. A lot of pictures of him having fun his dog have surfaced on the internet and we have shared them multiple times with captions like ‘awwww’ and ‘he is so cute!’


Well he is cute but looks cuter with his pet around. So, he must really try and relax by spending time with his beloved pet and actually some more of them. Of course we want his break to be as relaxing as it can be!

Ryan Gosling

Lucky Dog! Right?

3.       Spend Time In Growing His Facial Hair


Ryan Gosling is hot. He looks hot no matter how he carries himself but he looks way hotter with his facial hair all grown up. Let’s hope he surely plans of growing his facial hair during his acting break.

See how he looks with his facial hair.

Ryan Gosling

4.       Spend More Time On Himself By Properly Working Out

We want him to keep exercising and working out during his break. As it has been revealed already that he isn’t blessed with a perfect Greek god like body, so, it’s all his work out that keeps him all chiseled and fit.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan must spend time on himself by properly working out as we don’t really want him to become like this ever again!

All we want from his is to look like this forever!

5.       Spend More And More Time Shirtless.

Truth is truth. Ryan gosling looks awesome without his shirt. Whenever he goes shirtless in a movie that moment surely becomes internet’s favorite gif pretty soon.

Check out yourself.


Ryan Gosling

Well, there is much more than just this available on the internet which shows a lot more than what we can see in the above gifs but unfortunately we can’t share all of them. Anyway... let us assume that these are enough for you to realize that he is awesome without his shirt on. So, all the time he is off screen he should spend more and more time without his shirt. It’ll actually make him feel better!

These were 5 things that Ryan Gosling should do during his acting break. Hope you enjoyed going through it.  Do you agree with us or not let us know with your comments.

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