It’s Cruel, But Here’s Proof That Floyd Mayweather Jr. Can't Read

Floyd Mayweather Jr. remains undefeated in the ring, but he got completely knocked over by the simple task of reading a few sentences.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is no stranger to picking fights online with other celebrities. So obnoxious is his Internet persona that it completely overshadows the fact that he is a living legend and arguably the greatest fighter ever.

He flaunts his big money paychecks, is extremely cocky and there is a long list of celebrities he has fought with over the years. The 37-year-old usually comes out on top whether it's a fight in the ring or a war of words on social media, but he may have finally met his match in 50 Cent.

Pretty Boy Floyd last week literally asked for Fiddy's wrath when he implied in an interview that rappers like 50, T.I. and Nelly aren't relevant anymore and engage him in feuds to gain fame off his name.

Fiddy is never known to back down from a fight, so as expected he came out all guns blazing. In an aborted ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, the "Candy Shop" hitmaker issued a new challenge to the boxing legend, vowing to donate $750,000 if Floyd could read just one page out of a Harry Potter book.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd tried to counter that jibe by flaunting his $72 million paychecks:

But all it did is get 50 riled up even more.

Floyd Mayweather

The point to ponder here is that why would 50 attack Floyd's reading? It would make no sense until you listen to what's in this audio clip here:

Floyd had an unstable childhood and never got the opportunity to finish high school, so that might explain his perusal difficulties in the clip above. Either that or he may have an actual reading disability, but it's clear 50 does have a point. But does that justify his attack? Cruel as it is, it's exactly the kind of thing Floyd himself would do to others.

It's a low blow all right, but serves Mayweather, Jr. right for being a jerk all these years.

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