Movie Characters Don’t Look So Cool After Seeing Their Concept Arts

May, 6, 2014: Do you agree that concept arts are far better than their finished, Hollywood versions?

Before a superhero becomes a live character on the big screen, he or she is nothing but concept art. Once the basic looks and structure have been developed on a sketchbook, it is only then that their 3d modeling and subsequent transformation for the movies takes place.

Despite the fact that artistic illustration in movies has come a long way, comic book enthusiasts still believe the original concept arts were much better than their Hollywood versions.

Here, we bring to you nine such concept arts that were later borrowed by movie makers:

Thor From 2011 Movie Thor and Marvel Comics' Books


Bane From The Movie The Dark Knight Rises And DC Comics' Books


Buzz Lightyear From Disney's Toy Story Movie Franchise


Genie From Disney's Aladdin Franchise


Shrek From DreamWorks Animation's Trilogy Of The Same Name


Catwoman From DC Comics' Batman Franchise


Daredevil From Its Eponymous Hollywood Flick and Marvel Comics' Series


Neytiri From Avatar


Green Lantern From 2011 Movie Of The Same Name and Marvel Comics' Series


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