A Burly Rugby Team That Sings Like Angels

This video really shows another side of what is regarded as one of the most brutal sports in the world.

The last thing you'd expect from a Rugby team after practice is one of the most beautiful hymnals you've ever heard, but that's exactly what you'll get from the Fiji Rugby 7's squad, who sang this traditional thank you song after training at London Performance Gym. 

Fijan rugby teams have always incorporated spiritual elements into their training. According to The Fiji Times, "Most rugby clubs in the country have some sort of spiritual dimension and almost every team prays before and after matches ... Even hardened rugby coach Gordon Tietjens has found the faith of the islanders important in his team's success." Daily Telegraph adds, "The Fijans will sing their worship song This Is My Prayer (superbly I might add)."

"I can't stop smiling" says one contestant. I just wonder how these athletes have time to practice their beautiful harmonies and their tackles.

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