Maroon 5 Calms Panicked Fan With Down Syndrome In The Best Possible Way

No man is so tall as when he stoops to help a child.

Maroon 5 never stood as tall as when they laid down on the floor with their little fan:

Maroon 5 Down Syndrome

Ten-year-old Christopher Warner from Washington, D.C., has Down syndrome and he is one of Maroon 5’s biggest fans.

Seeing his love for the band, his teachers made a video about how much he loves Maroon 5 and sent it to Fox 5 and D.C. radio station Hot 99.5.

The video was so full of energy and had such enthusiasm and love for the band that the station decided to arrange a meeting between Christopher and his favorite band.

Check out the video below and see for yourself how contagious his enthusiasm is:

The band was also excited to see the little champ, but the excitement proved to be a bit too much for Christopher and triggered a panic attack.

This unfortunate turn of events could have ruined the evening but the band saved the day when they decided to join their little fan on the floor and just chill with him till he relaxed.

Maroon 5 super fan

Now that’s a band full of heroes!

 “The band didn't want publicity for this, but I wanted to share because they went above and beyond for Chris, it was truly amazing to see what they did for him! Thank you for helping us get the message out!” writes Hot 99.5’s "Intern John" Radio. 

As a commenter on Reddit rightly quotes, “No man is so tall as when he stoops to help a child.”


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