Adele Pulls The Ultimate Adele Prank On A Bunch Of Adeles

The British singing sensation just dropped the most anticipated album of the year. But can she impress impersonators?

Adele just pulled a hilarious prank on a group of her own impersonators. Teaming up with the BBC’s Graham Norton, the 25-year-old singer underwent a makeover to become “Jenny." 

To pull it off, Adele got a fake chin and fake nose to go undercover — “I’ve got bum chins,” she quips — and she gives her infamous accent an overhaul.

When she stepped onstage she caused her fellow impersonators to cringe as she appeared to be so scared that she missed her music cue. But as soon as she started singing, no one can deny that, right there, is most definitely Adele. Naturally, they were all immediately brought to tears by her angelic singing.