Toddler Picks Out Mom's Wardrobe, With Predictably Adorable Results

You can be fashionable and have fun with your kid too.

Summer Bellessa, an actor and former model as well as co-founder of The Girls With Glasses Show, likes to play dress-up with her kids. And she does it in a rather awesome way.

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She let her 3-year-old son, Rockwell, choose her wardrobe for an entire week.

Yes, that’s right, a toddler boy is playing dress-up with his own mother – how adorable is that?
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“He took the responsibility pretty seriously, and wanted to make sure he was making good choices, like I do for him,” the mom of two said.

The day he chose a Bob Dylan shirt, along with a skirt, tights and a sweatshirt made her feel a bit uneasy. Then he made it even worse when he matched the dark-colored outfit with beige shoes!


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It got even more amusing when, much to her dismay, her husband didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary. But in good sport she decided that“his lack of reaction was either the fact that I’m constantly wearing things that are a little out of the ordinary, or that I’d trained him too well.”

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On another day, she felt a bit conscious of the outfit she had to wear. But Rockwell insisted he liked “flowers” and so he paired a flowery dress with flowery socks! She was rather surprised when someone complimented her on the socks. 


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But then he more than made his fashion-savvy mom proud to don this particular get-up that matched a Mickey tee with polka-dotted leggings.

This is her super-stylish family. She has another son named Phoenix – who thankfully was too young to partake in this project, or goodness knows what kind of attire he would have chosen.


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What did she learn from this highly amusing Freaky Friday experiment? “A lot of being a mom is telling people what to do, and it was therapeutic for both of us to change roles," she said.

Ultimately, even people from the modeling industry end up saying things like "silliness is good for your kids and for your heart. Don’t take yourself to serious[ly]: They’re just clothes.”

She blogged about her experience on Babble and it’s full of cute little anecdotes that include her son not realizing he’s making her wear two different pairs of shoes.

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