You’ll Never Guess Which Country Is Producing Seriously Talented Rappers

Talent is to be found in the unlikeliest of places. This is particularly true when you hear that Afghanistan – a country whose name is mostly mired in war and terrorism - is also home to ardent young musicians.

Afghani Female

Rappers gathered in Kabul earlier in March to compete for the opportunity to create a rap anthem for April’s presidential elections.

Ramika, a 19 year old girl, was one of the brilliant competitors. She used this opportunity to rap about the significance of electing a corruption-free government. 

The brave young lady explained to BBC News that “By rapping, I can express things that I have in my heart”. She explains that initially her family was not too keen on her active role in the music scene, given the security situation and widespread coercion of women.

But Ramika, who was determined in her resolve, requested her family’s understanding, support and strength in what was already a difficult decision.

Ramika studies music at the Kabul University and aspires to become a professional rapper.

Ramika is not the first female rapper Afghanistan has produced.  Afghani born Susan Feroz is another female musician who is often described as the country’s first female rapper.

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