CNN Putting Its (Sometimes Controversial) Dream Team On Air For NYE

Journalist Anderson Cooper and comedian Kathy Griffin will reunite for the ninth consecutive year to host the CNN New Year’s Eve live event.

Renowned media personality Anderson Cooper and comedian Kathy Griffin have a a crazy way of keeping the audience engaged and on their toes until the midnight countdown to wish everyone a happy New Year.

Their brilliant chemistry is indeed obvious since Griffin manages to say the funniest things with Cooper responding to her sense of humor in ways that leave the audience in fits of laughter.

Like every year, the duo might get into some crazy shenanigans on New Year's Eve in New York City's Time Square and needless to say, people are really looking forward to it.

In 2007, Griffin initiated annual drinking game for each time she addressed Cooper as "Andy." Three years down the lane, she still maintained her typical antics and at one point even kissed a crew member. However, she has completed the broadcast without saying any swear words, which is an achievement in its own.

The duo's bond only grew stronger with time and now the trailer for their 2016 countdown (posted above) has been making rounds on the Internet.

Everyone's hopes are expectedly high. Hopefully, the show hosts will manage to surprise the audience this time around as well.

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