Approaching George Clooney Could Cost You

You could now get fined up to $600 if you spot George Clooney and try to approach him.

George Clooney, Fine, $600, Amal  Alamuddin

Not just George, either. If you approach him and his beautiful wife, Amal Alamuddin, expect to pay up. 

Now that the two have been married for six months, they don't want anyone disrupting their lives (or their romance).

Therefore, the Clooneys have taken some measures to make sure the paparazzi and the fans stay away...far away.

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There is an exclusion zone declared around their home in London and their current location in New York. Because they are going to Italy soon, they will have one there as well.

The exclusion zone means you can't get anywhere near the Clooney's house, or them for that matter.

So ladies, we know you really wanted to take a picture with Mr. Clooney, but unless you are willing to pay $600, you better back off!

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