Are Naughty Poses With Nicki Minaj Figure Degrading Or Harmless Fun?

Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas has boosted security around its Nicki Minaj wax statue after photos deemed inappropriate surfaced on the internet.

Security has been increased at the Las Vegas location of the Madame Tussauds wax museum all because of Nicki Minaj. No, she isn’t making an appearance at the museum but her new wax figure has caused quite a stir.

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The life-like figure of the rapper depicts her down on her hands and knees in a sexually suggestive pose taken from scenes from her Anaconda music video.

When the figure was released earlier this month, Minaj promoted it on social media and posted photos of fans posing inappropriately with the statue in a humorous manner, but things have gotten out of hand as some people have gone way too far with the objectifying poses.

The statue had already been receiving criticisms from people who felt the museum could and should have put Nicki standing up in a more respectable pose and by over-sexualizing her figure, it diminishes her accomplishments and talent. 

Fellow female rapper Azealia Banks took to Twitter last week to express her contempt for the statue. 

The photos that have been circulating the internet seem to validate Banks' and other critics' concerns.  

The museum released a statement about the issue:

“Madame Tussauds' attractions are interactive, immersive experiences, and our visitors are generally respectful towards the wax figures. It is unfortunate that this visitor decided to behave so inappropriately and we apologize for any offense this has caused.”

“We are taking immediate steps to ensure more staff are present in this area and that the set around this particular figure is redesigned so that a picture like this cannot be taken again.”

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Some fans feel that all the commotion over the figure is unwarranted and they're saying that Minaj has built her career on being viewed as a sex symbol so the museum's statue simply perpetuates the image she already paints of herself. 

Below are some responses to Banks' claims against the statue from fans who think it's not an issue:

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