‘Are Those Your Drums?’ Supercut Shows David Letterman's Love For The Musical Instrument (VIDEO)

We never noticed, David Letterman’s way of appreciating his drummers on ‘Late Show.’ But now CBS Music reveals his love for drums by creating a montage of clips from dozens of his shows where Letterman asks, "Are these your drums, or rentals? Those are beautiful.”

We think it’s a really nice way of appreciating a team member, whose efforts are simply rocking.
Watch the hilarious supercut above and see what people are talking about the video, below.


It may be silly, but I think it shows that David is trying to complement and involve the percussionist. I admire what he has done.


I wouldn't be surprised if he plays drums and he hoping that one day they'll ask if he wants to play and he'll be the happiest kid.


TIL Most drummers are either very surprised to be acknowledged or very awkward.


I totally agree. I've been a drummer for a long time. Did a show a couple years ago, and after we finished a set I was standing by the bar. A few minutes later a guy comes up to me and says: "Did you see that band? They're pretty good!" Imagine my dismay at hearing that. Yeah, the guy didn't realize he was talking to the drummer. Sucks being a drummer sometimes... : )

Dave’s cute! What do you think?

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