Arnold Schwarzenegger Tries To Fool Gym-Goers In New Video


A hilarious new video of Arnold Schwarzenegger has popped up online in which he goes to a gym in the guise of a trainer and interacts with people about their workout.

In the two-minute-thirty-second-long video, the former Governor of California sports a fake moustache, a ponytail wig and hides underneath a baseball cap, bus his stature, facial features and accent are such that several people recognize him after exchanging only a few sentences with him.

But, despite being caught, the 66-year-old sticks to his fake persona and insists that he is Howard “The Gym Instructor” and not the Hollywood superstar. Arnold’s funny acting and the reactions it draws from people is worth a watch.

Schwarzenegger did the whole thing for the benefit of After School All-Stars – a non-profit organization that arranges free-of-cost extracurricular activities for students in the United States.

This is the second time this week that the 66-year-old has come in direct contact with people to raise awareness about the charity organization. On Thursday, he spent several hours answering questions of redditors.

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