Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Responses On Reddit AMA

Reddit nearly broke on January 15th, when Arnold Schwarzenegger started an Ask-Me-Anything thread.

Reddit nearly broke on January 15th, when Arnold Schwarzenegger started an Ask-Me-Anything thread.

Schwarzenegger’s AMA post managed to receive more than 35,700 up votes in the first three hours of submission that he did to promote The Last Stand, his return to the action genre.

To confirm it’s him and no one else is faking it, he posted his tweet on Reddit:


And further confirmed it with a photographic proof as well.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The ex-Governor of California answered more than 30 questions about various topics ranging from American politics, his acting career and queries on marijuana legalization.

Following are some of the best Schwarzenegger’s responses:


My daughter Chloe who is 9 is a big fan of yours. She would like to ask which role is more fun to prepare for, action or comedic roles?

Arnold Responded using his iPad:



What is the best piece of advice you've ever received in your life?




Is there any director or actor you wanted to work with but didn’t/haven’t yet?


I would like to work with Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg. Also Sam Raimi would be great to work with.


How has the shift back to Hollywood from the Governor's office been?




Is it a tumor?

Edit: I was the first to ask Arnold if it's a tumor. AMA.



In the end Schwarzenegger thanked Reddit with a handmade drawing of the Snoo, the site’s mascot alien logo.



It’s astonishing to see how celebs have actually turned towards social media to promote their causes and movies. But what’s even more surprise over here is Schwarzenegger’s drawing! Who knew, he can draw so well… and that too on an iPad!

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