The Dark Side Of Our Favorite Childhood Characters

May 20, 2014: What if our favorite childhood characters had taken alternate career paths.

Cartoons catered to children are funny and entertaining with a good lesson on morality thrown in the mix. No matter how mean an animated character seems, we don’t ultimately associate them with negativity largely because the story they featured in had a happy ending.  

However, a Los Angeles-based artist named Dan LuVisi has done something that will change our perception of these pop culture characters for good. Through his creativity, he has painted new images of characters we have known over the years, only this time, the characters have a dark side to them.

LuVisi's art series, "Popped Culture", shows our favorite childhood heroes having chosen a path of vice and crime. Check these out:

Homer Simpson

Homer got betrayed by his pals Lenny and Carl at the end of a heist at the Springfield Bank. This is him breathing his last amidst a swarm of police units. The pain in his eyes owes more to his friends' betrayal than the gunshot wounds.


Lenny and Carl

Homer's harmless friends from the Simpsons betray him for money.



They had hired Otto as their getaway driver.


Bert and Ernie

Here, Bert is a marine who left his little brother Ernie behind for the Vietnam War. While he was gone, Ernie got mixed up with the wrong crowd and started dealing drugs. Upon finding that out, Bert left his country's war to fight his brother's.


Donald Duck

Donald Duck was fun to be looked at, but what about this one?


Cookie Monster

When this Sesame Street character's addiction for cookies became uncontrollable, he turned into this monster.



Tigger's mugshot before he began his 15-year prison sentence.


No Country For Old Muppets






To view more of LuVisi's artwork, come this way.

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