Hello Kitty by Avril Lavigne Is So Bad It Will Destroy You

You know those situations where you find yourself feeling embarrassed for another person? Well, prepared to feel that for 3 long minutes of just that, if you brave to watch Avril Lavinge’s“Hello Kitty”.

Avril’s "Hello Kitty" video, which features quite an evident Japanese influence, is excruciating to watch. The song which starts off with a siren-like noise is sure to leave you banging your head against the wall.

Everything about Avril’s monstrosity of a song and video “Hello Kitty” is disastrous. From the failed attempt at the Japanese pop influence, preposterous lyrics “mom's not home tonight, so we can roll around, have a pillow fight” to the half hearted back ground dancers who look like they just want to go home. Oh and how can we forget, the agonizing dubstep the song randomly launches into.

It’s really tricky to master the Japanese-y feel.  Some would go as far to say, that it’s too fine a line between epic and epic fail to even try to attempt it. Unfortunately, that didn’t keep Avril from taking a go at it. Her attempt can only be explained as catastrophe. Avril should have just left it to Gwen Stefani who has prowess over the Japanese vibe and can rock it like no other.

Now for the lyrics. Look, we have come to accept that the new millennium has seen, and is yet to see, a lot of bad music writing, or lack thereof. Therefore, we can’t really call out Avril Lavigne for that -   but seriously: “Let's play truth or dare now, We can roll around in our underwear how” ???? We are as stumped as you.

As for the dub step: it’s overdone. Move on.

Hello Kitty by Avril Lavigne instantly starts off as a bad dream. Like with all nightmares, you can’t really recall when it started and how in god’s name you landed in such warped musings. It doesn’t even matter. You need to figure out an escape plan.

You will be considered brave if you manage to get through the whole thing.

The Internet Reacts:

Eric Simpson: When she first hit the scene, I thought she showed promise and could turn into a serious musician, but instead she became just another run-of-the-mill pop star.

Arc Berklich: Couldn't watch the entire thing because it burned my eyes but...this is a giant weeaboo video. If this is an westerners view on the asian culture I just don't even.

It wasn’t all bad news for Avril though; some have tried to probe deeper and justify what could have triggered her to spew out this video.

Yvette DarkenedHeart Carter:  A large majority of her fanbase is Japanese. Maybe people should think, Its not made for us, but her fans in Japan? That thisll be a hit over there?

Kat Michelle Zerzan: Maybe my brain is melted but the song is kind of catchy... Not offensive to the culture at all just a very pop (albeit basic) insight into kawaii culture... Kinda cute even.

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