Aziz Ansari Pays Tear-jerking Tribute To Harris Wittels

Amna Shoaib
The comic paid tribute to his friend and hero on Tumblr.

Aziz Ansari

They say that to fathom the depths of your grief, to make sense of it, you must write about it. This is just what Aziz Ansari seems to be doing.

The Parks and Rec. star took to Tumblr this Friday, to pay tribute to his 'hero', the 30-year-old producer of Parks and Rec., Harris Wittels who died this Thursday of a drug overdose.

"I’m still waiting for the other phone call to let me know that Harris is okay and this was all a horrible misunderstanding. I don’t know when my brain is going to be able to process the terrible feeling that fills my heart with dread and my eyes with tears every 20 seconds when I realize this very special person is really gone," he wrote.

The standup comic detailed his first meeting with Wittels, and narrates their moments, stories and jokes. Here is a bit from one of the scripts they worked on together, 'that never saw the light of the day'.

Aziz Ansari Remembers 'Parks & Rec' Producer Harris Wittels

Most importantly, Aziz remembered Harry as the genuinely amazing person that he was - one of 'the rare breed' who will forever be missed.

"Bye Harris. I miss you and I’m glad I got to enjoy your genuinely amazing and original presence. I wish I got to you know even more. I hope people reading this realize what a incredibly unique man you were, and what brutal a loss it is for those who knew you and also for those who never had the pleasure. This has been so hard to write because I just keep wanting to add more and more stories and more jokes and more everything, but I’d never be able to finish it. You are far too special to sum up in any kind of piece like this. You were one of the best and we all will miss you."