Batkid Might Be Back To Save Gotham On The Big Screen

He saved Gotham and stole our hearts. Now Batkid's story could become a movie.

The world's collective heart swelled when "Batkid," aka 5-year-old Miles Scott got the wish of lifetime -- to save Gotham. Now Gothamites can help bring Batkid back.

San Franciscans banded together with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in November 2013 to make sure Miles' wish could come true and the event quickly spiraled beyond everyone's expectations. Instead of 200 bystanders, 25,000 came out. Batkid got shoutouts from Batman himself (Ben Affleck) and even President Obama.

Now filmmakers want to bring Batkid to the silver screen with a documentary on the day. It's about what happens when Batkid suddenly goes viral and why we were so affected by Miles. (Check out the trailer above.)

Filmmaker "Dana (Nachman) will leave the audiences to decide: Did Miles need the world for inspiration? Or did the world need Miles?"

The documentary goes behind the scenes of the day Batkid saved Gotham, but also insides Miles' home, where his family talks about the leukemia that nearly took his life and the little boy's lifelong Batman obsession.

An Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the movie already pulled in more than $50,000, half of the goal, by Tuesday. 

If anyone can inspire that kind of cash, it's Batkid. 

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