RIP B.B. King: 10 Times The “King Of Blues” Blew Us Away

Songs that will forever remind us of the great B. B. King.

After mesmerizing million of fans around the world with his smooth and soothing voice, B. B. King passed away at the age of 89.

Musical legends, however, live forever in their legacy. The king might be gone, but we’ll always remember him through the timeless masterpieces of his music.

B. B. King passed away at the age of 89

Feeling nostalgic? Here’s a list of the greatest B.B. King hits to celebrate the life and rhythm of the legend.

“Every Day I Have The Blues”

One of the earliest tracks by King, "Every Day I Have the Blues" was also one of his most popular. He loved this song so much that even well into his 70s, he would open live shows with it.

"Three O'Clock Blues"

This was King’s ninth single and his doorway to becoming a legend. "Three O’Clock Blues" was one of the first and biggest hits King had, which dominated the R&B charts for more than five weeks!

“Sweet Little Angel”

I've got a sweet little angel
I love the way she spread her wings
Yes got a sweet little angel
I love the way she spread her wings

“The Thrill Is Gone" Duet With Tracy Chapman

This song captures the diminishing anger of a wronged man and ends with a spine chilling calm. The tension and palpable drama makes this small musical piece into a well constructed story.

“Sweet Sixteen”

After experimenting with softer pop ballads, out of which none could make it to the charts, King came back to blues with "Sweet Sixteen." The controlled but fierce mood of this song makes it all the more enjoyable.

“Don’t Answer The Door”

A showcase of the beautiful left hand vibrato and the signature guitar style of King, this is a song he will always be remembered by.

“How Blue Can You Get”

Another one of B.B. King’s timeless classics.

"To Know You Is to Love You"

Despite being eight and a half minutes long, this song captivates audiences and leaves them wanting more. King shows his true power in this number together with Stevie Wonder and Syreeta Wringht who co-wrote it.

"You Upset Me Baby"

King’s charm and emotions are bare in this single and a delight to hear. This was his fourth number one R&B single.

“There Must Be A Better World Somewhere”

We bid farewell to the legend with one of his most melodious hits. We hope you’ve found the better world, King!

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