Beatle vs. Grasshoppers: Paul McCartney’s Stage Swamped By Insects During Brazil Concert (PHOTOS)

You don’t really want that to happen to a Beatle!

You don’t really want that to happen to a Beatle!

Guess who joined Paul McCarteney on stage during his Brazil concert? Any guesses? Well, his full of grandeur stage was swarmed by unwanted grasshoppers that stayed over there throughout his three- hour-performance.

One of the creatures actually kept sitting on McCartney’s shoulder during halfof the show and then the singer introduced his new insect pal to the audiences’ as ‘Harold’.

It’s just amazing to see how the star managed to complete his entire performance with so many creepy insects around him. He’s indeed a true performer who loves his fans. If I were at his place I would have ran out of the hall. No wonder he’s Paul McCartney and I am someone writing about how amazing he is!

Here’s a look at the unwanted creatures flying around the stage.

You can spot the green ugly creepy creatures on McCartney’s shirt over here.

And here’s the video in which you can see the creatures flying around even in the dim light and why can you see them? Because of their huge size! Anyway, the singer kept performing flawlessly in the video and his fans kept cheering. Then he finished his song with a flare ignoring the huge flying creatures and continued again.

McCartney opened his Out There! tour in Brazil this week and he’ll be travelling to six countries in  the coming months but the patience the superstar demonstrated  has made McCartney the bravest man on earth for me at least. What do you think? Let us know with your comments.

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