Beliebers Defend Fake Rumors On Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Justin Bieber’ Lie Witness News (VIDEO)


Beliebers are the most loyal fans on earth and they support their teen idol, no matter what.

Jimmy Kimmel showed on Wednesday how far Biebs fans would go to defend the teenage popstar in ‘Justin Bieber Edition of Lie Witness News’.

We want to see how blindly his fans will follow him and it turns out the answer is very very blindly,” Kimmel explained.

See how Beliebers reacted when told that their favorite singer peed on American flag, punched her grandmother and bought tires made of baby seal. The funniest responses are on the fake tattoos. You have to see it to believe what they actually said.

Their response is honestly pretty shocking to us!

We must say their support for Bieber is unBELIEBABLE!

Check out the amusing video above and let us know what you think about it.

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