Beliebers React Insanely At Justin Bieber’s Sexy Instagram That Raised A Couple Of Eyebrows (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber, the poor 19-year-old who walks like an ape.

Justin Bieber, the poor 19-year-old who mostly does things (intentionally) that raise eyebrows of many posted a picture on his Instagram account, which made all the Beliebers go crazy.

First see how they reacted and then we’ll take you to what he posted. So, they were like, “You and me baby”, “You and me babe! You and me”, “Awww I want to be this girl...” “ This makes me so happy cause that would be true if I ever see u or I ever come to west virginia” and the best one, “iiii need to stop crying.....just GIVES U HOPEEE!”

Now you must be wondering what Bieber posted that made the Beliebers act like this. Check out:

Justin Biber

He posted this sexy yet racy cartoon of himself in which he is lying with a naked Belieber on his chest.

Now this has definitely raised a few eyebrows. Where people call it stupid there are others who haven’t really forgotten what Justin commented in the guestbook of Anne Frank museum. He assumed that if she was alive, she would’ve been a Belieber.

The tasteless comment of course sparked outrage but nothing apparently bothers the teenage heartthrob as he ended up getting into yet another controversial situation by posting this photo. He does what he wants to. He fights with paparazzi, arrives in his concerts late, smokes weed and all in the name of being young.

Well, our whining teen heartthrob apparently isn’t that young as depicted in the photo.

It boggles one’s mind that Bieber called  Anne Frank a Belieber and then a few days later posted a racy cartoon picture with a Belieber on his Instgram. We can just hope there’s no connection between the two events. And of course (hopefully) there isn’t one but still.

For now let the beliebers be happy assuming, Bieber is in love with a Belieber or he wants a Belieber in his life or whatever they are thinking.

We’ll just remind them one thing. No star poses like this with his fans.

Justin Biber

And if a star is posing like this then we know it can only be someone with attention seeking disorder.

What’s your take on the entire thing? Let us know.

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