Benedict Cumberbatch Struts To Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love"

Benedict Cumberbatch is always a treat to watch but here, the treat is two-fold.

The latest episode of BBC’s The Graham Norton Show was a treat of sorts for Benedict Cumberbatch fans – aka Cumberpeople.

The British actor, as we all know, is a man of many talents. He is not only a brilliant actor with killer chiseled cheekbones, but is also an equally incredible celebrity impersonator.

Famous for his hilarious yet spot-on Alan Rickman and Chewbacca impressions, Cumberbatch channeled his inner pop star when he attempted Beyoncé's famous "Crazy In Love” strut (pictured below):

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Apart from nailing Queen Bey’s dramatic walk, the Sherlock star also discussed a BBC documentary in which he struggled to pronounce the word “penguin.”

“Of all the questions we had, the one that came up most often was 'ask Benedict to say the word penguin,'" Norton said.

After admitting that he is “completely terrified of the word” Cumberbatch partly put the blame on the production team behind the show.

"The funny thing is you don't do this in isolation," he said. "You have a team of natural history experts based in Bristol funded by you the taxpaying public.”

"It’s not just me sitting there in a booth going 'I think I know how to say penguins, (but) I'll say penglings.' It's mortifying."

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You can watch Benedict Cumberbatch confronting his mispronunciation fears in the YouTube link below:

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