The Moment We've All Waited For: Bernie Meets Larry David On SNL

The meeting of the two Bernies is something we've all eagerly awaited ever since people could not get Larry David out of their heads when Sanders opened his mouth.

Ever since Larry David returned to "Saturday Night Live" with a dead-on hilarious impression of Bernie Sanders, fans have been going crazy for the duo to unite. 

Luckily, this week's SNL brought all those wishes true.

Democratic presidential candidate Sanders dropped by "Saturday Night Live" on the same evening as David, who does a fan favorite impression of the Vermont senator. But shockingly, Sanders did not appear in a political sketch, as many were probably expecting.

Saturday marked the first time the two Doppelgangers stood side-by-side, during a Titanic-esque skit. David played an Irish aristocrat of sorts, who attempted to convince the ship's captain to save him instead of women and children while everyone attempts to flee the sinking vessel. That was when Sanders made a surprise appearance from steerage.

“Hold on, hold on, wait a second,” Sanders said to applause from the crowd. “I’m so sick of the 1 percent getting this preferential treatment,” he said, adding a familiar line from his stump speech. “Enough is enough.”

David told Sanders that his ideas “sound like socialism to me.”

“Democratic socialism,” corrected the presidential hopeful.

Sanders’ then introduced himself as “Bernie Sanderswitsky.” But, he added, “We are going to change it when we get to America so it doesn’t sound so Jewish.”

“Yeah, that will trick them,” David shot back to laughter.

The sketch ultimately ended with the ship crashing into Liberty Island and everyone safely making it to America.

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